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What is a Cannabis Club?

Cannabis clubs are highly exclusive places in Barcelona that offer a safe place for Cannabis lovers to consume the substance in a legal and controlled environment. The exclusivity of these Cannabis clubs makes them a bit tricky to enter since these clubs require memberships, as dictated by local regulatory laws.

Locals and tourists are required to apply for memberships to enter these spots. Anyone wishing to become a member of the Cannabis club in Barcelona can get their membership through sponsors such as ourselves.

Cannabis clubs are non-profit in nature and are made to offer a place where people from all over the world can experience locally-cultivated Cannabis and its derivatives. It is mandatory for the members to subscribe to the yearly-subscriber program before they’re allowed inside the Cannabis club. Even tourists who only plan to visit these clubs only once are expected to subscribe to membership of the club.

These Cannabis clubs host various Cannabis products and strains that members of the club can acquire. Each product can be obtained through donation, since these clubs are non-profit in nature, the word “Purchasing” is prohibited and instead, the term “donation” is used to carry any trade within the walls of the club.
If you’re visiting Barcelona and desire to experience the best Cannabis delights that the city has to offer, you will be amazed to see the options that you can avail at these Cannabis clubs. Excited to experience some of the best Cannabis that you will ever consume? Get your membership through a sponsor and enjoy the perks of some of the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona.

How to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

Cannabis Clubs are required to allow only members into the club, meaning that one cannot walk to the door and expect to be allowed inside the building. Only the exclusive members of the club are allowed to step inside the club and if you have the desire to experience one of the finest delights of the city, you will need a sponsor to get a membership of the Cannabis clubs of Barcelona.

Sponsors, such as us, offer a hassle-free method of getting membership in the most exclusive Cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Anyone can reach out to us and we’ll assist them in helping them live their dream here’s how you can contact us:

How to Join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona

  • You can only join the Cannabis clubs of Barcelona through a Sponsor or referral from an existing member because you cannot directly reach out to the club for membership, it is prohibited by the local laws of the country. If you’re a tourist in the city, you can reach out to us to get an endorsement and become eligible for membership in the club.
  • The club owners can decide to interview you before handing you the membership of the club. Some clubs are highly exclusive and hard to get in, make sure to be on your best behavior to get awarded the exclusive membership to the club.
  • Educate yourself on the local Cannabis laws of the country, especially for tourists since they will be prone to hefty fines if they’re not careful and break the local laws of the country.
  • It is mandatory for all the incoming members to bring a government-issued ID because, without it, you won’t be allowed inside the club. For tourists, your passport would be sufficient to enter the club. Later on, when you have received a membership card from the club, you can just show it at the reception and you will be allowed to enter the Cannabis club.

If someone has health concerns such as Asthma or is allergic to Cannabis, they might not be allowed to enter these clubs because such places can cause health injuries for such individuals. Before visiting the Cannabis clubs, brush up on the regulations of the club and reach out to them or your sponsors if you have any questions regarding the membership of the club.

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